Friday, August 29, 2008

This is way overdue

Well this blog is sadly, sadly neglected. I think it's probably given up hope and resigned itself to death, but no! Never will I abandon thee my life long friend, though months of summer toils do separate us. Although the dust may gather on your imaginary pages and life fade as the summer passes, whence the light of september peeps from behind hidden crannies, you shall know the joys of being written in again. It's almost september now. There is hope yet. Be revived, good blog of mine, and live! 

Yeah so... clearly I'm just as crazy as I was three months ago. And hopefully, I'm back. :) 

I can't believe the summer is basically over. I mean, I'm starting school Tuesday. Monday is my last day of non-school freedom. Weirddd. I'm hoping that this will be a good school year though, I'm using some online courses along with my usual workbooks/text books. I found some really nice sites that have all kinds of free stuff. And I'm going to make an effort to be a little harder on myself, i.e. writing real papers and having dad check them all. I decided not to take any college classes this year, I'll just wait till next when I'll have my licence and can drive myself. But I finally got a job! At the bakery and cafe in town, I work the register taking and bringing out orders, and doing all kinds of other stuff. I just started training last week, so it's a bit stressful trying to learn everything and not do anything stupid. But I'm catching on, I worked four hours today and four tomorrow. Every one's really nice, there's a whole bunch of girls with the same job as me and both of the owners are nice, although they can be a little intimidating. Monday it was funny, I was closing with Scott (one of the owners) and Erin, and Scott was showing me how to use the mop. It's attached to a bucket cart thing, which you can wheel around, but the cart is super ornery and will NOT allow itself to be steered. He told me all this expecting me to crash into stuff like everyone does, but I had no trouble at all. I felt like a pro. Then of course my beginners luck ran out a little, but still, it made me proud. 

The summer's felt kind of long, but short at the same time. Very, very different then last year. I was at the playhouse a lot but it didn't have the same magical feel as last year, which I kind of expected because I knew it was going to be different. But lets see, the summer started with Laura coming for about nine days I think. Her stay here was AMAZING and we had SO much fun. Some of the best memories of the summer came from that, although it feels like a super long time ago now. But that was early June, then beauty and the beast rehearsals started, and that was quite an experience. A lot of fun, and much different then anything I'd been in before. It was awesome to be in a cast where no one fooled around and everyone was completely prepared, it just worked like clock work. Of course it wasn't all fun and games, Adrienne had run in's with everyone, including me, and the cast was NOT very happy some of the time, but for the most part it was a lot of fun. I did realize though that I absolutely do not want to be an actress any more. I'm not sure why, I just lost... my passion for it I guess. I don't feel that I'm really talented enough to make a go at it, and I don't even enjoy it like I used to. It's still fun but I guess the magic is kind of gone. Maybe I just realized it wasn't for me. I still love singing and performing  though, so who knows. 
After beauty and the beast we had a week of VBS which was surprisingly quite fun. I enjoy working with kids a lot, and what we had to do was teach them the VBS songs and motions, along with a kind of lesson. I was scared stiff but the first day I got up there and suddenly knew what I was doing. I guess God took over for me. :) It was fun though and a good experience. And when that was over the slower part of our summer commenced. I worked on quite a few projects to keep myself busy, and of course there was hanging out with Sean. We had quite a few amazing times with him. One of the best times was when we went to buxton home days with him and Nick and Jessie. We bought these funny toy lightsabers that went all colors but we discovered when we took pictures of them they turned all white, in a shining beam of light. Then we went crazy with the pictures of course, I think I died at least once. It was crazy fun. 

I didn't write very much this summer, sadly. I always meant to but for some reason other projects consumed me... I got obsessed with paper cutting because I found this fabulous book of patterns at the library, and I started quilting again. In the middle of summer, I know it doesn't make much sense. I've been trying to read too, not a ton, but I always have a book to chew on. I read both The Host, and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer and I have to say The Host was way way way way way way WAY better then Breaking Dawn. Which was pretty bad. But The Host was really good! So you know. :P 
I've started White Rose over now though, because I'd been trying to work on it and realized the first person just wasn't working... so now I have twenty thousand words to rewrite. Yay. But I need to start working on it consistently again. One of the most annoying things about me is I really have to MAKE myself do stuff. If I don't I sit around on the computer feeling listless and sad and missing someone. Which isn't good, and why I'm FINALLY doing this. But when I'm done writing here I'm going to completely re-do my music playlist because if I had to tell the story of my summer in one way I would do it through music. I discovered or got introduced to so many of my now favorite songs. Music is great. 
Speaking of which, I also started playing flute again some. I'm going to have at least three students come school, probably more, and I kind of realized I need to keep myself in shape if I'm going to teach... Madeline is nearing the end of book two already, which is scary and awesome. She's going so fast! But I better be able to keep up with her. I might start taking lessons again if I have time and it works out, if not, I just need to practice. I'm incredibly out of shape, worse then I've ever been I think. Which is frustrating, but my own fault. So I'm gonna work on that. 
And... yeah. That's about all that's been going on with me. This summer has been probably the best and worst of my life. Weird how it can be both at the same time. I feel like on one hand I've lost a lot of friends sort of, maybe just from distance or because of certain things, but it's sad. I didn't get to hang out with any of you guys like I wanted to. It hasn't turned out the way I imagined at all. But at the same time I have gained so incredibly much... I am extremely lucky and blessed. More then I will ever be able to say. And I still love you all, more then ever. I hope you all know that. You complete me. ♥ 

That's it for now. 
Over and out. :) 


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life is crazy. It's unpredictable. And surprising. And a little scary. And sometimes, it just knocks you off your feet.
I think I'm still sitting on my bum with my mouth wide open, trying to get my breath back.

Actually, I know I am.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smile like you mean it

I'm feeling very strange today. I probably got like six hours of sleep last night, which isn't helping, although I don't actually feel that tired. I don't know. My insides seem all mixed up. Yay. :) 
Anyways, I see I haven't updated in awhile but there really isn't that much to write about. I started drivers ed, in fact it's more then half way over now, and it's going pretty well. I'm really glad I knew one of the girls doing it from library and convention, but now I'm kind of friends with all the kids at my table. It's boring, but kind of fun too. Not bad at all. And I drove for the first time Friday! It was crazy, like so surreal to be thinking *I* was the one driving, but it somehow felt really natural too. It wasn't as scary as I imagined at all. Hopefully I'll be able to drive at least once this week again, maybe twice, because I still need eight more hours to get my permit! Yipes! 
This weekend we took Emily to bar harbor, since she's working there again this summer, and got to go to the movie place Sarah works at. It was really nice, as we saw the movie Nim's Island, which was silly and kind of story book feeling, but really funny, and got pizza. The way it's set up there is you actually have a counter/table thing directly in front of the chairs, so you can eat really comfortably. The food was good too. 
Besides that, we walked around the pond like we always do, and walked around bar harbor a little - ended up going into the bookstore and buying some stuff. It was fun! 
Tomorrow I'm going for my second college interview thing. I went to YCCC before (did I write about that? I don't remember...), but haven't gotten to go to the Saco USM branch yet. I'm interested to see how it will compare to YCCC. Then I have voice, teaching Friday, hopefully driving sometime, and bowling Saturday. W00t. 

But all this stuff... it's like, not even what's been going on with me lately. 
I don't know how to write the real stuff. 
I'm sorry to anyone I've been distant to the past couple of days. 
I'm feeling really lost. 
But also kind of found, for the first time. And it's amazing.
But I hate that me being happy means other people being miserable. 
I am not going to be the kind of girl who leaves her friends for a guy, but somehow I keep shooting myself in the foot. 
And I know I just need to breath, but my heart is burning. I'm afraid it might all turn to ashes. 

I guess all I can do is trust - trust in God, trust in my friends, trust that it will all work out. And remember I am only sixteen. This is only the beginning.
Oh, joy. :P

I love you all. :) 
♥ Anna 

Friday, May 2, 2008

I really can't think of a title right now, so deal

So to answer Sarah's questions (sorry it's taken me this long!) for anyone who doesn't know, Kelia and I both got into Beauty and the Beast at the Arundel Barn Playhouse. It's very exciting because it's our first professional show, and kind of scary too... I mean, rehearsals are from 9 to 5. Yipes! It's gonna be a lot of work, but hopefully a TON of fun too. :D
I don't know who I'm playing yet, probably just a chorus person, but Kelia got lucky and actually got ASKED to be Chip. So that's kinda awesome for her! Sound of Music is officially a thing of the past, as Seaglass decided not to do it, and a couple weeks ago when I found out they might not, I called the playhouse to see if there were any parts for me and that's how all this happened. I really didn't think it was going to be so easy, I mean we didn't even have to audition, but hey I'm not complaining! :P
As for the barbie, well a couple weeks ago I got Lauren's Birthmas (birthday and Christmas combined) present and one of the main things was a barbie. Her name is Cindy, and she is the most barbiest barbie you will EVER see. She has a pink crown, and pink dress, and pink shoes, and pink necklace. I love her. The whole reason for her is Lauren was aghast (isn't that an amazing word?) when I told her I'd never owned a barbie in my life, so she decided to fix that.
Yes, I do love that girl. :)
Last week was convention. Oh, what can I say about convention? Basically, it was really, really awesome, and it's taken pretty much this whole week to stop feeling sad about it being over. We got there around 5ish last Friday, got settled in and ate, and then went down to the opening ceremonies which was basically sitting on our butts for five hours. Really, really long, but it was fun because we hung out with Jessie and got to meet Sean and other peoples. The only thing that stunk about the weekend was Erin and I both didn't feel very well, our stomachs were being really weird. But anyways, Saturday was a super busy day, and we went to three workshops, which were all good. Then we walked down to cold stone for ice cream (yeah I FINALLY went, but actually didn't get anything... had a free sample of cake though. Yummyyy.), and then there was the banquet. We were all dressed up pretty, and after the banquet was the dance! Oh my, that was exciting. I got my first slow dance, and let me tell you, I was so so SO SO surprised. It was kind of amazing. :D
Sunday was sad because we had to say goodbye to everyone, but we were also exhausted too. We'd stayed up pretty much to 2 both nights, spent the entire weekend basically with our amazing Jessie, which was incredible. We were sooo glad she was there, because if we hadn't had anyone to run around and visit with, it wouldn't have been nearly as fun. 
Along with all that though, it was also a very thought provoking weekend, because whatever I may believe about Catholicism and whatnot, most of the principles are still the same. One of our workshops was a dating thing, and it was really good. One of the guys strongest points was that we are a gift to each other, when dating and not, so if we're careless and don't save ourselves, it's like we're re-gifting. And no one likes re-gifting. 
So other then that, I won screnzy this week (WOO!), and now just have to actually finish my script... I'm gonna just have to make myself do it, before I actually forget. Maybe sunday I'll get to. This week I cantered at mass for the first time, which was fun, and went to YCCC to talk about taking classes there next year. I still have to go to USM in Saco before decided where I want to do it, but it looks like I'll definitely be taking something somewhere this fall. Yay! :D 
Drivers ed starts on Monday... yipes. Better watch out, everyone, I'm getting on the road! 
I'm trying to kick out this little sickness I have right now, but it will definitely be gone by tomorrow, when Erin's having her b-day party. It will be amazing because I will get to see certain Pippins and Twinsies and Shweetums. And also, I finally get to put on my other earrings!!! I can't believe it's already been six weeks since my birthday, but at the same time it feels like such a long time ago... it's strange. 
Now I'm going to run off and um... run off. Yeah. Bye. :) 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Crazy in love

The lights finally go out, and the crowd erupts. Nothing happens. They quiet. A woman's voice stretches over the audience. 
"Thirty seconds." 
An electric guitar strums, rocking vibrations in my chest. We wait.
"Twenty seconds."
More electric guitar.
"Ten seconds." 
I don't hear her say nine, but suddenly we are counting down.
"Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one," we scream. There is a pregnant pause. 
A cello. 

It has begun. 

Yes. That's exactly how Skillet started. It was incredible. But let me go back.
So India and Katie were both at our house around four, and a little after four thirty we started eating pizza, because Jake was supposed to pick us up at 5. Well. They came fifteen minutes early, so they came in while we desperately tried to finish eating (very awkward), and then we were on our way! Of course we were forty five minutes early to Curtis Lake, which was where we were meeting everyone else, but we kind of just bopped around in the parking lot till it was time to go. When we got to New Life, where the concert was, we were astounded at the line, because it stretched from the front doors all the way out of the parking lot and across the way to the mall next to the church, about six people wide. We were like WOAHHH! 
Awesome. :P
We got in line, got inside, stood around slightly awkwardly, and finally, FINALLY, it started. The first band was Decyfer Down, and they were very loud but the sound wasn't mixed right so it was kind of just noise. The bass was amazing though, when they hit that first chord I nearly jumped out of my skin because it was so loud you could literally feel it in your chest. It was almost disturbing at first, but I got used to it fast, and although you couldn't hear the band really well, jumping up and down and dancing was still fun. We were hot, but not unpleasantly so, so it was all good.
There was probably a fifteen minute break after they were done, where we all kind of deflated and just stood, and then Thousand Foot Krutch started. We were a little closer to the stage, so it was much louder and much hotter. Very fun though. I could hear, and see the band better, and at one point the lead singer even came into the audience! So cool! I also just like their music better, I've gotta add some to my player now. :D 
That was the hottest section of the whole night, but before we passed out, they turned on the air conditioning and people start spraying entire bottles of water over the crowd. Totally awesome. We were also way more into the whole crazy concert thing, moving pretty much the entire time. By the end of that we were soooo thirsty, we pretty much ran to the concessions and I snuck drinks from people because I only had 75 cents. Yes, I know. Very stupid of me. 
Anyhow, so we stood around for awhile some more, and then SKILLET!!!!! Definitely my favorite band, (well obviously), even though I only actually knew three of their songs well. They did Comatose, and then Whispers in the Dark, which EVERYONE sang on. The leader singer, John, had super good stage presence, and was all like "WOW Maine you're so loud you're hurting my ears!" And he talked some more, and then after awhile was like "Now who wants me to shut up and play some music?" We screamed. Of course. "On the count of three everyone say shut up and rock!" 
Hehe. We were so loud!
They played a whole bunch more songs, and the lead singer talked some more, and we danced and sweated and sang. 
There were two favorite moments for me. The first was Rebirthing, the first song I ever heard by them totally by chance, which EVERYONE loves. They started playing it, and everyone started singing at the top of their lungs, but then the lead singer stopped us! He was all like "I'm really sorry, but I have no idea where my lead guitarist is, and we need him!" Well his guitarist came back, and the lead singer said. "You went to the bathroom?" and although I didn't hear it apparently he said "number 1 or number 2?" 
Very funny guy. So they started the song over again, and everyone jumped and sang and screamed and it was AMAZING. 
Then the second to last song was a worship song, and it was just so... beautiful. I had my hands in the air and I closed my eyes and there was that moment where I just felt like everything was right, like I was connected with God, like he was right there with me. And then of course my mind went on to other things, but for that briefest moment, I knew he was there. 
The last song, of course, streamers and confetti came shooting out, and the lights went crazy and the smoke and EVERYTHING, and it was awesome! But the crowd wasn't ready to go, so of course we started shouting "ONE MORE SONG!" until the band came back on stage. John, the lead singer, talked to us for awhile, explaining what their album Comatose is all about. (Basically how if we keep going in the world the way we are now, we'll end up all killing each other, so there needs to be change... if I remember right.) And of course he joked a lot, (i.e. "I have two small children who are cuter then your kids will ever be... well it's because God loves you but he loves me more!" etc.) And then they played the last song, and finally it was over. 
It was one of the best experiences of my life, I have to say. 
So much fun, but at the same time so thought provoking. I loved it. 
And there you have it. I may be obsessed with Skillet for awhile now, because they're amazing, so sorry if I rant too much. I can't help myself! And the four of us are going to be reenacting it for ages on, randomly jumping up and down while listening to music. I've never been so completely un-self-conscious in my life, and we were even in a group of people who weren't jumping that much. I was just like WOOO! It didn't occur to me really until today to be self conscious about how crazy I was. But I guess that's a good thing. It was very liberating. :P 

Okay, seriously, I'm done. Pictures still might come sometime, but I promise I won't blog about it again. ...Unless I forgot something really life changing. Promise. 

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well I meant to write a full fledged blog post tonight, but it's getting late and I haven't even started! Ah! 
Basically, we went to the skillet concert last night, and it was AMAZING!!!! Three bands played, Decyfer Down, Thousand Foot Krutch, and lastly of course, SKILLET!!!! It was the experience of a life time, like, even better then I expected, which is saying something because they're a christian rock band I love so I was expecting it to be REALLY GOOD. But the crowd was amazing, and it was standing room only so were basically dancing or jumping up and down and screaming the entire 3 and a half hours. 
Totally unbelievable. 
And now I have to go to bed, but be expecting my music player to be taken over with Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch, because I'm probably going to be obsessed for awhile, and hopefully another LONGER post will be coming soon, with pictures! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, the variety show's done, gone, over with forever. It went pretty well, nothing real exciting but you know whatever. I had fun! Tonight we went to the little dinner/cast party thing, and while the food was very good and some parts were okay, it kind of stunk because we feel like such outsiders among the other kids... they're all from KHS and just like... I don't know. Kind of cliquey, hard to get into. So now I'm worried about convention, but as long as we have our group to hang out with it should be fine. I just wish we could like join their group because they all seem like nice kids, it's just weird!
Other then that, I've signed up for drivers ed in May (Eek! Still can't imagine myself driving. O_O), but I want to get it out of the way. I should be starting work at garden street sometime in June but I'm not sure... I called the playhouse yesterday and asked Adrienne if there were any parts for teens in the shows this year (Babes in Hollywood, Beauty and the Beast, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Nunsensations, and Forever, Patsy Cline. AWESOME.) She said she might be able to squeak me into Beauty and the Beast, which is super exciting!! I'm just waiting to hear back from her, so think of me! :) 
Yeah... we have another awesome weekend coming up, with the SKILLET CONCERT!!!! WOOO!!! Although we'll miss Jessie. :'( I'm sure we're not going to be able to hear for about an hour afterwards, hehe it should be pretty awesome. 
I'm still working on Screnzy, I'm officially half way through! (51 pages, please don't shoot me!). It's going all right, although not as good as before, but oh well. I keep being very, very tempted to work on something else because three pages a day doesn't seem to be satisfying my creative urge, but I'm afraid of getting pulled away from my script... meh. Oh well. 
And now I've run out of things to update about... we took Laura to DQ today as a surprise, it was pretty awesome! I've eaten SO MUCH ice cream in the last few days. Seriously! I'm surprised I'm not fat yet! 
Okay I'm gonna go do something else... I don't know what... but something awesome! Because awesome is awesome! Yeah! Awesome! :P 


Sunday, April 6, 2008

I might be obsessed...

So basically, I'm in love with my characters. :)
I don't know why blogger set up the pics like that and it might come out all messed up, but whatever. The first one is, obviously, Sam (HEARTS!!!) and then Kuss, if you cut her hair off. She's perfect, especially that face. Then there's Tom, who does sing, yes, and finally Geena. I LOVE THEM!!!!
*cough* That was weird....
Haha Jessie you're such a bad influence. :P
ANYWAYS, sorry I haven't updated in forever, I don't even know why... we've been pretty busy and most of my free time goes to screnzy if I have stuff in the evening. Which I do a lot, lately. We've been rehearsing for the variety show which is this weekend, and it's going all right, although kind of crazy, as usual. It's making me miss being in a real show, but hopefully The Sound of Music will fix that this summer! Hopefully!
Let's see... I've also been teaching, and having awesome weekends. Last weekend we went to India's friday/saturday and had a BLAST. She has the coolest house in the world, like it could almost be haunted and all her furniture is old fashioned-ish and just... very cool. It was a lot of fun!
Now I don't have much time so, because I like it right now (which you all now will only last so long), I shall grace you with a section from my script, where it ALL STARTS.

(JAKE and TOM poke there heads into the office carefully, then go through.)

SWEET, santa isn’t here!

(He starts going through the papers on the desk. TOM picks up castlist.)

Here it is. Let’s go, man.

Please. Look around you, Tommy boy. We’re in the principles office. We’re not leaving just yet.

(He turns away, then turns back with a crafty look on his face.)

JAKE continuous
Gimme that.
What- why?

(JAKE grabs the cast list and looks at it eagerly.)

Just as I expected. Lame seniors like always. Well. Why don’t we do something about that?

What are you talking about?

(JAKE drapes his arm over TOM’S shoulders)

My man, this is our last year in this hell hole. Let’s make our mark.

(He goes to the computer on the principles desk and opens a document, quickly beginning to type.)

Hey! What are you doing?!

(still typing)
Here’s the plan. We switch cast lists with a list of all the freaks in school, and see if miss hotty pants buys it. Brilliant, right?

Freaks? None of them even auditioned, Jake.

But miss hotty pants doesn’t know that, now does she? And if they put up a fuss, we’ll just say crazy ‘ol Zimmin picked randomly. It’s perfect.

(TOM looks over his shoulder nervously out into the hall.)

She’ll never buy it.

Oh, but you never know. Can’t you just see the look on her perfect blond face when she finds out?

(Looking into the hall again.)
Crap! Santa’s coming, we gotta get out of here!

****. I’m almost done! Distract him, Kane!

What? How?!

(Hitting print on the computer)
Hurry, before he gets here!

(TOM curses under his breath and breaks out of the office.)


Tom! What’s up, my man? Getting the dirt in my office, were you?

No! Of course not. I was just getting the cast list for Miss... uh... Allie.

Ah, I thought she might be a hit with you boys. Like her?

Uh, yeah. She seems cool.

Well I’m sure she’ll be wanting that list. If you’d just excuse me...
(He goes to move past him but TOM doesn’t move out of the way.)

PRINCIPLE continuous
Santa needs to get into his workshop...

Right. Sorry... oh, wow. Is that Miz Zimmen? I thought she was gone!
(He points to the imaginary Miz Zimmen, successfully distracting the PRINCIPLE.)

Where? She should be...

While his head is turned TOM turns to the door and looks in the little glass window, motioning to JAKE, who is running around desperately fixing the office. TOM makes a face at him and JAKE shakes his head desperately. He’s not ready.

PRINCIPLE continuous
I dont’ see her Tom. Must have been one of those girls with crazy hair. Now-
(He turns back and is about to see JAKE on his computer through the window but TOM suddenly grabs his chin and forcefully turns his head.)

She’s right there! Don’t you see her?

Uh. Wow. Hands off the beard, buddy. Are you feeling all right?

Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Must’ve been another girl, like you said.

PRINCIPLE nods, giving him a look, then jerks his head and TOM moves out of the way in defeat. He goes through the door, and TOM watches through the glass, as the PRINCIPLE see’s JAKE in there, but is not surprised, as JAKE is slumped in a chair in front of the desk, exactly as if he’d been called in for misbehavior. The two talk, voices muffled through the glass. TOM lets out a breath in relief, and while the PRINCIPLE’S head is turned, JAKE thumbs up. Suddenly, the PRINCIPLE is back at the door.

Mr. Kane? Did you need something?

TOM steps back in surprise.

Uh, yeah. I just remembered I had to get something from Jake... homework assignment.

Come on in, then, but no dillydallying.

TOM nods, goes in and gets the new cast list from JAKE, then leaves promptly.


TOM is walking back to the auditorium, both cast lists in hand, when TINA, a blond popular girl comes running up to him.

Tom! Oh em gee! Did you hear we have a new director? Oh em gee! Is that the cast list?!

TINA grabs the fake cast list out of his hand before he can protest, and scans it quickly.

What the heck? I’m not even on here! And all these people... who are they even? They must be, like, total outcasts or something. Miz Zimmin really did lose her knuckles like everyone’s saying!


Yeah, whatever. Uh! I wanted to be Juliet! This is my last year! Come on!

TOM looks obviously pleased she didn’t get her way for once.

I know Tina. It’s an absolute tragedy.

I know right! Arg! Wait till Marissa hears. She’s going to be so p-oed. Uh!

TINA stalks away, and TOM grins after her, then looks down at the real cast list in his other hand, and crumples it into a ball, throwing it in the trash can across the hall.

That's all for now folks! Laters! :D


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh. I lied.

Kuss isn't my main character. This guy is. Sam. Just because, you know, most of the plot revolves around him, but the others are all very big characters still!

1. What is your protagonist? A person? An animal? Something else?
A 16 year old guy.

2. Where does your protagonist live? Does he or she like it there?
He lives in San Diego, and yes, he likes it quite a lot.

3. What does your protagonist look like? Hair color? Height? Distinguishing features?
He’s 5’9, got dirty blond hair, and a really cute grin, but he doesn’t smile much. He’s got what you might call a bit of a baby face, with a very venerable awkward look to him. He has a scar a little above his left temple, caused by an accident he had when he was thirteen.

4. What is your protagonist’s favorite outfit?
He doesn’t really care. Anything that’s comfortable. He likes hoodies and jeans. He also listens to his ipod or at least has the head phones in his ears almost 24/7.

5. What clothes would your protagonist never be caught dead wearing?
Again. It’s really not something he cares about.

6. What is your protagonist’s pet peeve?
People who make fun of him for listening to music constantly.

7. What is your protagonist’s fondest memory?
A couple years ago, long after his brothers childhood disintegration disorder set in. He was looking after his brother by himself, and he sat down next to him, as his brother couldn’t really walk at that point. He turned and smiled at him, and his brother suddenly awkwardly put his arm around him, and said “thank you,” with great difficulty. His eyes were intelligent for just the briefest flash, for the first time since it really set in, and he’d never spoken clearly like that before. It was a one time occurrence, but obviously, it meant a whole lot to him.

8. What are your protagonist's hobbies?
Claymation, writing, and reading.

9. What can your protagonist do better than anyone else?
Interact and connect with his brother.

10. What is your protagonist insecure about?
His deafness.

11. What makes your protagonist angry?
Really, he lives in his own world, and doesn’t pay much attention to other people. People who don’t know anything about pain and pretend they do really bug him, when he pays attention. Shallow people in general. Bullies, of course, and anyone who makes fun of disabled kids even remotely. Also his parents, and how blind they are sometimes.

12. What are your protagonist’s parents like? How about the rest of his or her family?
His parents are really preoccupied and don’t pay much attention to him. They don’t mean to, of course, but his brother takes up all their parental warmth. They’re both teachers, and always stressed about money. His brother who has the syndrome is 13, but can only talk a little, and walks with difficulty. He also has an older brother who is in the military, and he’s really a father figure to him. He’s 26 and the only one who knows about Sam’s deafness. (He guessed.) He’s been trying to save up for a really small hearing aide, because Sam doesn’t want anyone to know, but they’re really expensive and he doesn’t have a lot of money. He’s the only person Sam can open up to about anything.

13. What's one secret your protagonist hasn't ever told anyone?
His deafness. He technically hasn’t ever told anyone because his brother guessed.

14. Is your protagonist outgoing? Shy? What do people think when they first meet your
He’s super excluded and people at school tend to think he’s autistic or something, because he has a lot of those peculiarities. Nothing obvious enough for the teachers to be worried about, but that’s because he works really, really hard. If someone talks to his left ear though, he completely doesn’t hear them, so a lot of the time he’s unresponsive and unemotional. Like I said, he always has headphones on, kind of as a cover up, and often his hood pulled up. Kids either make fun of him or ignore him.

15. Describe your protagonist in three words:
1. Hiding.
2. Confused.
3. Loyal.

16. Pretend for a moment that your protagonist is really nervous. What does your protagonist do with his
or her nervous energy? (Tap his or her toe against the floor? Hum a song?)
His hands get really cold, so sometimes he blows on them, or pulls them under his sleeves or whatever. He bites his lip too. And broods. He’s very broody.

17. Write a sentence describing how your protagonist walks.
Kuss tilted her head and frowned. That’s what was so weird about that guy! He walked so... carefully. His hood was up as usual, shoulders hunched just the tiniest of bits, but his body was so alert. A kid came running through the hall, probably late for some class, and barreled past him, and he pulled away just in time, looking tense.

18. Write a sentence describing how your protagonist stands. What’s his or her posture like?
He leans against things whenever possible, and slouches terribly.

19. What do you really like about your protagonist?
He’s so loyal and great with his brother, and he’s also very very strong, and very hardworking.

20. What do you dislike about your protagonist?
Well obviously he’s really confused, having not even told his parents he’s DEAF, but other then that, he’s super stubborn and so sometimes a bit pigheaded.

21. What is your protagonist’s greatest weakness?
Um. He’s super insecure about the deaf thing. Obviously. If you mean what he’s most addicted to though, that would be the TV.

22. What is the one thing your protagonist fears most?
Going all the way deaf.

23. What does your protagonist want more than anything else in the world?
His brother to get better. Being normal would be nice too.

1. If your protagonist could change his or her name, what would he or she change it to?
Pablo. He likes the sound of it, and also, he was an epic cello player.

2. What is your protagonist’s favorite band? Song? Type of music?
He actually likes strings and classical. Soft rock too, but a lot of soundtracks. His favorite song is claire de lune. Doesn’t have a favorite band, but he’s currently obsessed with the August Rush soundtrack.

3. What is your protagonist’s favorite book and why?
He likes poetry and nonfiction a lot, but he doesn’t really have a favorite.

4. What is your protagonist’s favorite season?

5. What places, other than where he or she lives now, has your protagonist lived or visited on
vacation? Which one was his or her favorite and why?
He’s only ever been on vacation once, before his brother got sick. They went to Disney world. He wasn’t real into it, but oh well. They’ve always lived in San Diego, and he expects they always will. They don’t have money for vacations now.

6. What does your protagonist’s house look like? What is hanging on your protagonist’s
bedroom walls?
His house is kind of just normal... small and a little crowded, and generally quite messy what with all his parents work and stuff for his brother. His room is his sanctuary. He keeps it really clean, just because he likes it like that, but one wall is completely covered in a collage of pictures. Some people might call it girly but hardly anyone is ever in his room. A ton of the pictures are of his family, well his two brothers, hardly any of his parents, and then just random stuff. The rest of his walls are fairly bare, but he has stacks of Cd's (from before his ipod days.), and books and his laptop (borrowed from the school), and cool stuff like that.

7. What is the best thing that ever happened to your protagonist?
There’s really been nothing good in the last three years, and before that it was ALL good in his mind. His older brother is the only thing he has keeping him sane.

8. What is the worst thing that ever happened to your protagonist?
It’s pretty much a tie between his brothers syndrome and his accident.

10. What makes your protagonist most uncomfortable?
Overly touchy/affectionate people, and people who treat him like he’s mentally handicapped or something.

11. Describe how your protagonist speaks. Does he or her have a lisp? An accent? Does your protagonist
use a lot of slang, or end every sentence with “okay,” etc.?
He doesn’t have an accent, or a lisp, but he talks really carefully. Like it’s not obvious at all that he can only hear himself through one ear, but he’s still really careful. He doesn’t use a lot of slang at all, but then he doesn’t talk much either.

12. If a song played every time your protagonist walked into a room, what song would it
Well this wouldn’t be every time he walks in a room, but Hallelujah is his song. It makes me cry inside.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I am sixteen going on seventeen....

For real. :D
All right, so generally on my birthdays I write some goals, and kind of reminisce about the past year... Today I was reading some of our old convo's on facebook, and from that and all the tons of happy birthday's people have wished me, I've realized something very special. I have the best friends in the word. :) 
This year was really... different. I think I've changed more then I ever have in other years. I've been the most miserable I've ever been, and, I think, the happiest. I've learned a ton about friendship, and still am. I learned about pretty much everything... The world, God, people, the way my brain works, the way other peoples brains work... And I think I've become a bit more myself. A bit. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of person God wants me to be. 
There have been really bad moments this year, but there have also been really, really good ones. I would not give up my friends for the world, or my sisters. San Diego was amazing. The summer was amazing. Writing has been amazing. Music - I discovered music. IT is amazing. The beach, walking, movies, books, trying new things... Of course I did some REALLY stupid stuff, but without this year, I wouldn't be the person I am now. 
15 was a good one.
So thanks, everyone. :D 

And now, to see what I've accomplished... goals are great kick-in-the-butts by the way, which is probably the only reason I do them. I wrote down a whole bunch in my journal last year, a year from today, when I was all like "the scariest thing about turning fifteen is next year it will be sixteen." 
Anywayss okay first goal: Learn to be a better listener: Eh, I'm still working on it. 
2. Gain God-confidence: Definitely. 
3. Learn Italian: *cough* This year...
4. Do something interesting in the summer: YEAH BABY!
5. Write another novel: In the process! :D
6. Possibly write a play: You bet. :P 
7. Make more friends: Yes! Thank God!
8. Get something published: I don't know how I expected to do this since that can take years, but I DID send out a story, so that's a start!
9: Do more theater: Not really... *sigh*
10: Become unafraid to be myself in public: I'm getting better!
So yeah. There you have my year, folks. Exciting, right? :P 
As for sixteen... well so far it's been very nice! There have been moments of stress and boredom and peace and hyperness, so if that's any indication of the year, I'm guessing it's going to be just about normal. Erin pierced my ears this morning, which is where the stress comes in because for a minute there she couldn't figure out how to get the gun unattached from the earring which was in my ear. Dad came to the rescue and it was all good, and now I have two little gold studs in my ears. Hehe. I got beautiful earrings from Kelia which I want to put in noooow but I'm going to have to wait six weeks. Ah me. Such a hard life.
Kelia and I went for a pretty long walk, which was really nice (I'm so happy it's pretty out!), and we three played life together because Erin and I were bored. That's when we were hyper. We ate a ton of junk, and listened to music, and it was generally a good time! Then Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner and cake, and I was a little disappointed because Aunt Sandy couldn't come, but oh well I'll see them all tomorrow. Finally, we watched Sweet Home Alabama, which was really sweet. Yay! :D 

...Oy... Sixteen... O_O
Okay. Stopping that now. *slaps self* 

Let's seeee... goals... 
Um. I kind of think I'm too tired to do this. But let's see. Some of my goals from last year are definitely still in place - coming closer to my family, God, learning how to live with love. I'm GOING to learn Italian this year, because if I don't I'll be in trouble, and finishing B&R is high on my list. I want to live creatively, not settle for the boring, and try to figure out what the Higher Being has in mind for me... or let Him show me. :P
Getting more comfortable with myself would be great. I had some issues with that this winter, watching other certain people and wishing I was more like them; more outgoing, better at conversations - even flirting. I certainly will get better at that stuff but I've also got to be content with who *I* am. Always a hard thing to do. I'm working on it. 
I suppose another novel will be coming in November, and I'm very determined to write my first screenplay. And make it be good. I hope. Considering Max is my main character, it better be. Hehe. I intend to walk more, and of course get my first 'real' job, take drivers ed sometime, explore... Live, love, laugh. All that good stuff. 

And yeah sorry if this post is all pensive and wannabe-deep. I tend to get that way on my b-day. New year and all that. Without a journal though, I have to write it down SOMEWHERE, so you're stuck with it. Deal. :D 

I really have to go to bed. Easter tomorrow! I can't believe my b-day, AND Easter came so fast! It's just weird. But awesome. :P 

Anyways. Love you guys. <3 

Friday, March 21, 2008

You and I

The Riddle - Five For the Fighting

There was a man back in '95
Whose heart ran out of summers
But before he died, I asked him

Wait, what's the sense in life
Come over me, Come over me

He said,

Son why you got to sing that tune
Catch a Dylan song or some eclipse of the moon
Let an angel swing and make you swoon
Then you will see... You will see

Then he said,

Here's a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There's a reason for the world
You and I...

Picked up my kid from school today

Did you learn anything cause in the world today
You can't live in a castle far away
Now talk to me, come talk to me

He said,

Dad I'm big but we're smaller than small
In the scheme of things, well we're nothing at all
Still every mother's child sings a lonely song
So play with me, come play with me

And Hey Dad
Here's a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There's a reason for the world
You and I...

I said,

Son for all I've told you
When you get right down to the
Reason for the world...
Who am I?

There are secrets that we still have left to find
There have been mysteries from the beginning of time
There are answers we're not wise enough to see

He said... You looking for a clue I Love You free...

The batter swings and the summer flies
As I look into my angel's eyes
A song plays on while the moon is hiding over me
Something comes over me

I guess we're big and I guess we're small
If you think about it man you know we got it all
Cause we're all we got on this bouncing ball
And I love you free
I love you freely

Here's a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There's a reason for the world
You and I..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


1. What is this supporting character? A person? An animal? Something else?
A girl. Another ‘freak’ of the school. She’s the Jesus freak.

2. Does this supporting character know the protagonist? If so, when did they (or do they) meet and how?
She’s seen her around school and unlike most people, isn’t really afraid of her. Like she is a little, but she finds her intriguing. She wants to know what bothers her so much. Then, of course, they meet through the play.

3. How is this supporting character similar to your protagonist? How is he or she different?
She’s not really that similar at all, but she loves music and art and creative stuff like that. She’s different because she’s such a strong christian, and is adamant about it, although she’s not really outgoing. She’s a little afraid of general high schoolers. She lives entirely on love.

4. What does this supporting character look like? Hair color? Height? Distinguishing features?
She's REALLY short, like JUST five feet, with long light brown hair and brown eyes. She has a cute round little nose, and dimples. She’s got little round glasses that somehow match her face perfectly. She dresses pretty conservatively, a lot of skirts, not a great fashion sense, and no make up.

5. What is this supporting character’s favorite outfit?
Her one pair of jeans with her nice Christmas sweater she loves so much.

6. What clothes would this supporting character never get caught dead wearing?
Basically anything Kuss wears. :P

7. What is this supporting character’s favorite thing about the protagonist?
Kuss is everything she’s not, and for some reason that makes her feel like she can really be herself around her. There are no expectations with her.

8. What are this supporting character's hobbies?
She’s a pianist, but secretly dreams of being a director. She’s a complete movie buff, and tends to watch movies late into the night. She wants to make movies with messages. She’s huge into Christianity, and an ex-homeschooler. She loves kids and babysits a poor family for free.

9. What can this supporting character do better than anyone else?

10. What makes this supporting character happy after he or she has had a bad day?
Listening to music, or talking to God, or making little kids happy.

11. What makes this supporting character angry?
Cruelty and unfairness. Ignorance. Her step brother.

12. What are this supporting character’s parents like? How about the rest of his or her family?
Neither her mom or dad are Christians, but her mom is kind of peacy-hippy-ish, and she homeschooled her until high school, when Geena wanted to go to school. Her mom wasn't hugely excited about the idea, but then she wasn’t hugely excited when Geena went to a summer camp and got ‘converted,’ either. She actually thought school might put a little sense in her head. Her dad died when she was small from cancer, and she has a stepfather, who is a workaholic (lawyer) and hardly home. When he is he’s pretty cool and watches movies with her. She also has a step brother, who thinks the whole homeschooling thing was pretty weird, as is her religion, and tends to ignore her. He’s not exactly a jerk but has never tried to be friends with her.

13. What's one secret this supporting character hasn't ever told anyone?
The movie director thing. Also, what exactly happened at camp to change her so much.

14. Is this supporting character outgoing? Shy? What do people think when they first meet this
supporting character? Is he or she different than the protagonist?
She’s a little shy, but she does have friends. On first meeting people might think she’s an odd little girl, with the way she dresses, and she’s generally carrying a bible or tracts or Jesus <3’s you stickers. (She likes to put them on peoples lockers. Her secret mission. It amuses her.) They tend to like her though, except for the bullies and popular people, who call her a Jesus freak.

15. Describe this supporting character in three words:
1. Kind hearted
2. Confused
3. Curious

16. Pretend for a moment that this supporting character is really nervous. What does this supporting
character do with that nervous energy? (Tap his or her toe against the floor? Hum a song?)
She starts humming amazing grace and plays with her glasses.

19. What do you really like about this supporting character?
Pretty much everything. I like her a lot. I should probably be using her as my main character. Dang.

20. What do you dislike about this supporting character?
She’s a tad bossy, and prone to jumping to conclusions.

21. What is this supporting character’s greatest weakness?

22. What is the one thing this supporting character fears most?
Losing herself - losing her God.

23. What does this supporting character want more than anything else in the world?
Something to live for.

1. If this supporting character could change his or her name, what would he or she change it to?

2. What is this supporting character’s favorite band? Song? Type of music?
BarlowGirl. Awakening by Switchfoot. Inspirational - it makes her happy.

3. What is this supporting character’s favorite book and why?
If she was being really good she’d say the Bible, but it’s really The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. Best book she’s ever read. She cried for two days. Then she went to the military cemetery and put flowers at every single grave. It took her two weeks.

4. What is this supporting character’s favorite season?
Spring, although it’s not really different in San Diego. She likes to pretend the world is waking.

5. What places, other than where he or she lives now, has this supporting character lived or visited on
vacation? Which one was his or her favorite and why?
She used to live in New Mexico with her mom, but she definitely likes San Diego better. The summer camp she went to was in Arizona - too hot for her tastes. She wants to get to Europe, but has yet to.

6. What does this supporting character’s house look like? What is hanging on this supporting
character’s bedroom walls?
Geena’s house is really colorful and has a lot of nicknack's and artsy stuff because her mom is very crafty. The living room is pink and white, the kitchen blue and yellow, etc. Her mom tried to do hers pink and purple but she protested, and got brown and cream instead. (Brown’s her favorite color.) She has various art works on her walls, curtains made by her mom, books, a phone and tv... Lawyer stepdad = wealthy. She has favorite verses painted on her walls, and a dresser covered in stickers. Her room is fairly neat, but not incredibly so. There are pictures of friends and family all over, and pictures the little kids she babysits gave her.

7. What is the best thing that ever happened to this supporting character?
That summer camp she went to. Also, actually getting some friends when she stopped homeschooling.

8. What is the worst thing that ever happened to this supporting character?
She gets bullied at school. One time some of the older kids took her backpack, dumped it all out right in front of everyone, then proceeded to ruin everything in it. When they found her bible they started making a huge hullabaloo making fun of her, then ripped the pages out one by one. They ruined her homework too, and then, to top it all off, dumped a bottle of Gatorade on her and when her glasses fell off, broke them. No one tried to stop them.

10. What is this supporting character’s biggest pet peeve?
People who talk down to little kids seriously bother her.

11. What makes this supporting character most uncomfortable?
Having to stand in front of a lot of people. She’s stage shy.

12. Describe how this supporting character speaks. Does this supporting character have a lisp? An
accent? Does he or she use a lot of slang, or end every sentence with “okay,” etc.?
She never ever says God, and swears very rarely. She has a quiet voice, but she can certainly make herself heard if she wants to. She tends to be funnier then she thinks she is, and accidentally copies peoples way of talking, which is hilarious.

13. If a song played every time this supporting character walked into a room, what song would it be?
Meant to Live for so much more or whatever it’s called, by Switchfoot.

Next up is Tom, Geena's step brother! Whee! :D


Friday, March 14, 2008

Um. Stooof.

I see I haven't posted in awhile. This is a little shocking! It's basically because Em darling came home Monday, so it's been a tad crazy here, as it always is when she returns to her more innocent sisters. It's been really nice to hang out though, so you know, I guess I forgive her for stealing me from my blog. ;)
Uhm, well, last Friday/Saturday Laura slept over and it was awesome and we watched Becoming Jane again, which got me into Jane Austen, (again), so I watched Northanger Abbey and it was actually really sweet and I liked it a lot. And I have Persuasion out from the library so hopefully I'll get to reading that soon!
While Laura was here we also went to the movies to see Step Up 2, since we got her all into Step Up, but for some weird reason they had stopped showing it. It said they still were on their website and the outside sign and everything, but they lied! So instead we saw Spiderwick, which was actually really, really awesome. It has Freddie Highmore so I knew it was going to be pretty good, but I expected it to be kind of kidish adventure... It really wasn't. It was funny and jumpy and extremely well done, and the coolest thing was Freddie Highmore played twins! That must have been so hard!
Anywhom, it was REALLY well done, and we enjoyed it a lot. :D
As I said, Em came home Monday, and we ended up staying up late and watching Juno with her. That, also, was really, really good! The acting was amazing, and the script, and it was just so sweet... we loved it. I think it's cool too because I found out the author was a first timer on script writing, and the amount of trust the director had to put in her to follow some of those strange but brilliant bits was a ton. Kudos to them both.
I'm looking forward to another movie this weekend, and then my birthday and Easter! I have a totally cute summer dress to wear for Easter, and I'll have my ears pierced on my birthday, so YAY! I can't believe I'm turning sixteen. O_O Weiiiiiiird. And exciting! Mucho exciting! I know there'll be great things in the year to come. XD
So I've been thinking about what I want to 'be' when I 'grow up,' and I've kind of kicked out the actress idea. I dunno, it just seems like I don't have enough commitment to make it, and I wouldn't really be able to do anything else for a long time... Something the actors at the ABP always said this summer, was that if there's ANYTHING else you like to do fairly well other then acting, you should do it instead. And, well, there are definitely other things I like to do. However, I may still try my hand at directing... But basically right now I'm actually thinking I want to be a freelance writer. They're just so... cool! And writing seems to be, in my opinion, one of the easier things to do in life. Like, I know there are tons of people who are way better writers then I'll ever be, but if you like it and are fairly good at it, eventually you'll get published. If you don't give up that is. Stubbornness, and all that.
So yeah. That's what I'm thinking as of this moment. I'll try to read and write as much as possible, and if the Higher Being approves, anything could happen... ;)
Speaking of writing, I kind of got past that stupid spot in WR.... but things aren't looking too fascinating right now and I'm not really into it. I haven't worked on it for a couple of days. Bad me, I know. I'm sure the inspiration will return soon, and in the mean time I have script frenzy to worry about! I'm starting to get excited because I actually decided to write a screenplay this year... which is nerve wracking but kind of awesome. I have the brief outlines of a plot, but until yesterday no characters. Then yesterday I found this character worksheet and tried it, and vwalla! There was my main character!
The only problem - she still doesn't have a name.
So what I'm gonna do is post all the work I've done on her, and then you darling peeps can help me think of the perfect name! K? K!

Protagonist Questionnaire
For High School Students

1. What is your protagonist? A person? An animal? Something else?
A girl definitely, I’m just no sure what kind of girl. Either the outcast angry punk girl who’s cast as the MC, or the more normal backstage member who has no personality... yeah okay that won’t work. Okay well for angry outcast punk girl... uhm yeah. I’ll go with that for now.

2. Where does your protagonist live? Does he or she like it there?
_I have no idea, thank you for asking though. Uhm
I know!
San Diego :P
And no... she thinks its boring.

3. What does your protagonist look like? Hair color? Height? Distinguishing features?
_5’5, brown hair, short and kind of spiky, maybe a little dyed, earrings all the way up her right ear, a nose ring, tattoos on her arms she likes to pretend are real but aren’t. Fairly pretty, but obviously not in a conventional way.

4. What is your protagonist’s favorite outfit?
Scary spike boots, a black duck tape miniskirt and a re-made sweater.

5. What clothes would your protagonist never be caught dead wearing?
Anything cutsie. Long skirts. Hoop earrings. Make up. Normal clothes, basically.

6. What is your protagonist’s pet peeve?
People in general. Loud gum chewers. Suck ups.

7. What is your protagonist’s fondest memory?
She doesn’t tend to think of these things. If you have to know, the last good memory she has with her mom. She was eight and her mom decided to have a special day with her. She came to her school and stole her away, and they went to the beach and collected shells and built a sand castle and had a mud fight, and her mom threw her in the ocean to wash her off.

8. What are your protagonist's hobbies?
Designing clothes, making stuff in general. It’s the only thing she’s happy doing.

9. What can your protagonist do better than anyone else?
Design. She’s an artist too. But she never ever lets people see it.

10. What is your protagonist insecure about?
Just about everything. She acts very tough but has trouble letting people in.

11. What makes your protagonist angry?
The world. Her father. Popular people. Unpopular people. The fact her mother committed suicide. Christians. Schools. Anything unfair. Bullies. Wimps. Just about everything.

12. What are your protagonist’s parents like? How about the rest of his or her family?
Her mother suffered from depression and killed herself when the MC was ten. She is an only child. Her father is very secluded. He’s a small mousy man who doesn’t know how to raise a girl, but he loves her very much. He’s completely awkward around her, she makes him uncomfortable. She has a great relationship with her grandmother, her mothers mother. She has a couple aunts and uncles who she never sees.

13. What's one secret your protagonist hasn't ever told anyone?
She tried to kill herself once.

14. Is your protagonist outgoing? Shy? What do people think when they first meet your
She’s hostile. Not outgoing, not shy. She has a very low opinion of people, so she has no friends. She’s an outcast. She scares people a little, so they call her a freak.

15. Describe your protagonist in three words:
1. Angry
2. Hiding
3. Beautiful

16. Pretend for a moment that your protagonist is really nervous. What does your protagonist do with his or her nervous energy? (Tap his or her toe against the floor? Hum a song?)
If there’s a pen around she draws on herself and jiggles her knees. If there’s not pen, she bites her nails.

17. Write a sentence describing how your protagonist walks.
She stalked down the hall in her spiky leather boots, and freshmen scattered out of her way, seeing the look of hatred in eyes.

18. Write a sentence describing how your protagonist stands. What’s his or her posture like?
She leaned against her locker and folded her arms under her chest, pursing her lips in annoyance. “Can I help you?”

19. What do you really like about your protagonist?
I like how cool she could be if she decided to like people. I like how passionate she is. I like how she really cares about things and people she tries to tell herself she doesn’t.

20. What do you dislike about your protagonist?
Um, well... she has attitude issues. And anger issues. And other issues... she’s actually a little self righteous, without realizing it, but that shall be fixed. ;)

21. What is your protagonist’s greatest weakness?
Her inability to show and receive love.

22. What is the one thing your protagonist fears most?
She fears loving, and then having the people she loves torn from her.

23. What does your protagonist want more than anything else in the world?
Her mother back. Other then that, to stop being so angry.

2. What is your protagonist’s favorite band? Song? Type of music?
Lifehouse. Blind. Rock.

3. What is your protagonist’s favorite book and why?
Rules of the Road, by Joan Bauer. Because she loves it duh. She sees herself in it, identifies well, etc...

4. What is your protagonist’s favorite season?

5. What places, other than where he or she lives now, has your protagonist lived or visited on
vacation? Which one was his or her favorite and why?
Uhmmm... she’s always lived in San Diego. They visited Maine once and she swears she’s going to move there as soon as possible. She loved the season and climate differences and the people. She wants to live in Portland.

6. What does your protagonist’s house look like? What is hanging on your protagonist’s
bedroom walls?
Her house is fairly boring because her dad does all the cleaning. Her room however, is completely different. She has red walls, and she’s got posters all over them, of her favorite bands. It’s constantly a mess but she always keeps her bed clean, and she has a table that’s practically collapsing under all the stuff. She has so many art supplies all over her walls, in the closet, on the floor, and her latest project on the table along with her sewing machine . It’s kind of dark so she has several funky lights and Christmas tree lights strung up on the walls. She has a manakin which she likes to dress up in her creations.

7. What is the best thing that ever happened to your protagonist?
That class she took on design last year. All of her time with her mother.

8. What is the worst thing that ever happened to your protagonist?
Her mother’s suicide.

10. What makes your protagonist most uncomfortable?
People showing that they care for her.

11. Describe how your protagonist speaks. Does he or her have a lisp? An accent? Does your protagonist
use a lot of slang, or end every sentence with “okay,” etc.?
She has a low dry voice, with a slightly sarcastic lilt. Sometimes she mumbles. She is prone to slang, but tries very hard not to sound ‘ditsy’ and despises people who do.

12. If a song played every time your protagonist walked into a room, what song would it
Stop and Stare by OneRepublic

Mmm yeah, she's a happy girl. :P
I'm currently working on one of my supporting characters, who's going to be the Jesus freak of the school. Mucho awesome.
As you can see, I am excited.
Names people, I need names!

Kbye. :D


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ordinary Day

I'm beginning to think I'm addicted to late night random short posts. 
Odd. :D

So, today I found out Friday teaching is canceled for three week at P&P, for some unknown reason, and I was very disappointed after getting all prepared and looking forward to it... it's annoying, but at least this week BC is starting again, and possibly rehearsals for the talent show. So I shan't be completely bored. I hope. I do have some strange kind of power to be bored and busy at the same time, (Bosy, ya'll!) But I shall fend that off. With chopsticks, most likely. Bwahaha.

Today Erin and I walked into town (it was beautiful out, for once!) and went to a new second hand shop in town. It turned out to be really nice! Some older woman clothes, of course, but a good bit of teenish stuff, and it's so nice for it to be so close! I got a grey sweater hoody, because my yellow fleece has turned disgusting, and we promised the lady who owns it we'd be back. :)

Tomorrow Laura comes over and we're going to watch Becoming Jane (<333), 
I'm addicted to my music player. Teehee. And I've suddenly discovered, I can write while listening to music now! I used to find it very distracting, but it actually seems to suck me more into the moment now... pretty awesome. 
And yeah, the reason I'm NOT writing on WR right now is because while sitting in front of my pretty appleworks document tonight, I realized I've pretty much run out of planned plot. And I was like, CRAP. I mean, I know where it's going and what not, but I'm not sure what's coming next... this will require some planning. And you know how much I love that. Oh boy.
But the good news is, it's now 72k. Booyah. And I have script frenzy to worry about, if it all gets very headdesk worthy! Yay! 

Anyways, I'm off to read! Farewell, sweetie pies. :P


Edit: Arg, some of this keeps getting cut out. I'll fix it tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

OH, how I love back stories!

And no, that is not sarcasm. I really, really do. :D

'I dreamt.
In my dream, Zara and the fariie were sitting together, in front of a fire that wasn’t even needed, Tirian was glowing so brightly. They were across from each other, but there seemed to be a strange link connecting them, not like how we’d been mind linked before, but something completely different. I realized, watching them from where I was curled a little ways away, that they were actually attracted to each other. That was part of the cause of the strange tension that had been so obvious in our little conversation. They were quiet, looking at each other, almost seeming to talk only through their eyes.
“It’s good to see you, Tirian.” Zara finally said.
The shadows cast by the flickering fire disguised whatever emotion was written so clearly on her face, and I struggled to understand what had been between them.
“It has been... long.” Tirian sounded more human, vulnerable, then I had ever heard him.
“I wasn’t sure if you were still alive,” she said, a slight tremor running through her voice.
“I knew you were.” He smiled, and she tilted her head in the light so I could finally see that expression on her face. Sadness. Pain.
“If you think I’m going to apologize for what I did,” she started angrily, trying to cover what she was feeling, “you couldn’t be more wrong.”
He laughed, a strange dry sound, and nodded. “I see you haven’t changed.”
“Nor have you.” She smirked. Her head bowed and she seemed to be struggling with herself. “We could have... you might have kept in touch, you know.”
He leaned forward, frowning, and spoke carefully. “What was between us is past now. You understood the arrangement. I had not meant to become further involved, for Liasure warned me humans might be open to... Well, what you might call confusing emotions, so I meant to spare you from that, but now that she knows I am her father there seems to be no other way.”
She started, sitting bolt up right, and hissed. “You told her?”
“Only about me,” he said quickly. “But you know you should tell her.”
“I will,” she said quietly. “Soon.”
The fire crackled in the silence, and I rolled over unconsciously, fuzzy wondering of what they could be talking about passing through my mind. Emmy's face appeared before me, and I slipped into another dream that I only remember vaguely, having to do with being a raven.
The next morning I woke up, feeling oddly confused, with my face pressed to the ground next to the burned out remains of a fireplace. But I’m sure whatever that was, it was a dream. Something my unconscious mind came up with because of the strange tension between Zara and my father. I’m sure that’s it. They wouldn’t keep something more from me.
I’m sure. '

Bwahaha. Confusing you guys again! :D

I'm excited!!!!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A tiny shout out

Katie! You can not do this to me! A whole DAY without you?! What is that??!! 
Hope you return to the livingandawesome soon. 

The Lover

P.S. One of these days I will write  a proper post. Promise. :P

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hum :D

So I assume you all are just dying to hear about Friday... ;)
It went pretty well! I was nervous beforehand but once I got there the nerves pretty much disappeared, which was nice. I have my theater class first and there were kind of more little kids then I expected, so it didn't go exactly as I had imagined. They didn't do great, (at all), with concentrating, so I'm gonna change my tactics a little. I actually had a lesson planned, which I did, but they seemed kind of bored so I think I'm really just going to work on the play we're doing and games... they can learn the basics from those, without an actual 'lesson.' 
Chorus was great because I had chosen a song from High School Musical to do, and I had a bunch of girls between like 9 and 13, so of course they LOVED that. They all seemed to have a lot of fun! And they actually want solo's, which is good, I just hope I can get them to stay on pitch. 
Flute was fine too. I just have three students, and they all got sounds out pretty much right away, which was great. There were some problems with concentrating though, because they were distracting each other, so I may need to split them up, but we'll see. I'm excited to see Tom's progress, as he's the son of the woman who got me into this and also seems very excited to be learning. They gave me a ride home and Mrs. Crothers said "So Tom, you didn't tell me how flute was! How was it?!" And he went "AWESOME." 
So yeah. Nothing special, but at the same time, exciting! :D

Other then that not much is happening in Anna world. I'm attempting to put up a music playlist on here, so we'll see how that goes... Knowing me, I'll probably freeze the computer. W00t. :P 


Thursday, February 28, 2008



...I'm feeling okay about it right now, which is good. Yesterday night I wasn't, but whatever happens it'll be an adventure and a good experience. I just keep telling myself the theater class, which I'm most nervous about, will just be like directing. I hope I'm right. :P 
And at least I have my stained glass class to fall back on if everything else in the history of time goes wrong! Unless, of course, I prove to be horribly bad at staining glass, but it can't be that hard... I mean there's no drawing involved, right?! Right??!!!!
Anywho, I must go to bed. I have piles of stuff to cart around with me tomorrow, which is exciting, but means I shall need a good nights rest! I just finished Northanger Abbey though, by Jane Austen, and enjoyed it quite a lot. But I actually have to go to bed. So more later. 


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is a total obsessions post, just to warn ya'll. So, last night we watched Becoming Jane. It was really, really good, with a very melencholy feel because if you know anything about Jane Austen, you know she never got married. We were all kind of blown away by it, especially James McAvoy's performance, which was amazing (and I would do a fangirlish scream here, but my parents read this. O_O) 
Anyways, it was REALLY well done and even though I was looking forward to watching BSG all day, I quite enjoyed it. Here's one of my favorite parts from the movie - it doesn't really ruin it because obviously you know they're going to get together, but I guess if you have any intention of watching it soon, (which you should), you may want to save it. 
So sweet! 

Chuck!!!! :D

Stardust!!!!! (we just watched it again tonight at the library so I had to add it :P)

BSG!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

And I would have more except I'm so afraid of finding out stuff I don't know yet I'll only watch season 1 music videos. :P 

Finally, Charlie and Carmen. No, I don't have a music video for them, but Katie showed me a special picture of them today and it made me SO HAPPY. No, I don't know why, but they are definitely my favorite couple, EVER. 

Anyway, this is obviously a totally random and fairly pointless post, so I shall be done now. But we got the notebook and I'm SO excited to read it, once Kelia does her bit. I shall try to be good and wait. :P And I can't wait for HP marathon on Friday!!! 

Later loves,

Thursday, February 14, 2008

San Diego, home of the very lucky

There and back again.
A tale by Anna Ingraham.
So we've been to San Diego now.
And part of me wishes we had not come back. Pretty much all of me did yesterday, but then I wouldn't get to see Hannah and Leah today, so you know. However it is going to be necessary for all of my friends to move there, because I can not go on living here after I've been THERE! It's so, so, so, so, gorgeous! It was like having a week of summer in the middle of february! Amazing!
So, Thursday morning around 3:30 dad woke me up and said we would have to leave a little early because of the weather. It was being utterly disgusting out and snowing/slushing, and we had to drive to portland in it. Well we got there fine, got through security without any mishaps, and sat down to wait for our six am flight. Of course it got delayed, so we sat around some more and grew increasingly worried, because we were going to miss our detroit flight. We finally left Portland but sure enough when we landed in Detroit, our flight was gone. We got rerouted, but in order to do so we had to go BACK to Atlanta and then to San Diego, another hour and 40 minutes on the plane and layover. We weren't thrilled, but we were all pretty excited so it didn't matter that much. We had lunch in Atlanta, ran to get to our plane again, and then were finally on the way to San Diego.
I kind of like flying. When we went to Arizona two years ago and I flew for the first time, it was weird, in that the planes were more... normal feeling then I expected, just like a bus. But I'm kind of used to them by now and taking off is fun and flying above the clouds is so cool. I said to dad it's kind of nice to know even on the worst gloomy day of the year it's still blue up there. Of course it isn't really, it does get less pretty, but it's a nice thought. ;)
We finally got there, around 5 pm, and got our car (a pretty blue van), and finally to the hotel. It was beautiful and not even remotely cloudy, like it had been in Maine (of course), and Detroit, and it was probably around 60 degrees and there were people walking and wearing SHORTS and it was just beautiful. We were exhausted so we went to bed around eight (and if Leah were reading this she would have a heart attack hehehe.). Then Friday our three day period of pure relaxation began. We went to the conference place, which is totally gorgeous, then to Cabrilla Monument, which is totally gorgeous, then back to the conference place, (yes, still totally gorgeous.) We helped Dad set up and hung out on the lawn, and were very, very hyper, and then there was the reception which was a lot of fun. There were little sandwiches and a chocolate fountain, (and I mean who can say no to that?!), and everyone walked around and talked and ate, and it felt like one of those Christmas parties you always see in movies. And we were hyper so that helped. We talked to quite a few interesting people, including the renowned (in the birding world that is), Ken Kauffmen, and his wife Kim. She was really, really nice, and wanted us to go on her web site because she has a club for young birders in Ohio, where they live. I keep forgetting to look it up though. Bad me.
Saturday, we hung out at The Mariner (where the festival was), and went walking some and laid down by the water for two whole hours just listening to music. It was perfect. The banquet was that night and that was really cool. Ken Kauffmen did the lecture, on '13 Different Ways to Look at a Sparrow.' It was really funny and interesting, mostly because he is just an interesting guy, but I knew it was going to be good as soon as he started off with "I'm going to tell you about 13 Different ways to look at a sparrow, and I know, what could be more boring then that?"
And Clay Taylor, one of the vendors at the festival immediately shouted out "14 different ways!" It was hilarious and the entire room cracked up, and Ken stood there with this funny grin on his face and when we finally quieted was just like. "Well. That's gonna be the best line of the night."
Turns out the lecture wasn't boring at all (of course). Ken told this hilarious story about learning to bird as a boy, where he was trying to identify a sparrow and kept running into the house to look at the bird book, and running back out to look at the bird, and he showed pictures along with the story, and every time he ran back out of the house it was a different bird. He pulled it off very nicely. And then he got really sweet when he talked about how sparrows can effect people's lives, because he met his second wife (Kim), when she was the only one interested in the olive sparrow (if I remember right), on a field trip of his. "And it has a really great song," he said, "Sweet Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly. That's a great song." You could really tell he meant it, too. :)
Sunday was the tiniest bit boring, but it was still beautiful and dinner made up for any testy parts of the day. (We were getting a little tired of each other by then, I think. ;) ) We went to the Mexican place really close to our hotel, and the food was DELICIOUS. Best mexican I've had in a long time. It was hilarious, because we had started eating and were all quiet you know, and then dad said "it's a REALLY good chili," and Erin said "It's a REALLY good enchilada," and I said "It's a REALLY good burrito," and Kelia said "It's a REALLY good thing I have a napkin!" It's probably one of those you had to be there moments, but we laughed for just about five minutes. Then dad surprised us by actually ordering the fried ice cream, which we had all been wondering about, and it was absolutely perfect. They must have hard frozen a ball of ice cream, then fried it really quick in a really light, thin batter, that was all sugar and cinnamon-ey, and put it in its little bowl of the same fried batter... yuuuuum!
Monday we went to the san Diego Wild Animal Park! It was awesome and definitely the nicest zoo type place I've ever been to. The spaces for the animals were so big and nice, and the bird aviaries were amazing, and the tram ride was fun, and the frequent flyers bird show we went to was so cool. It started off with birds coming out, choreographed to music, and then we got to see a bunch of different kinds, including an african gray parrot which delighted us by talking and making sound affects. I'm not sure which animal display was my favorite, but the giraffes totally rocked, as did the elephants... and the cheetahs... and the rhinos... and... well you get the point. :P
Tuesday was a little disappointing because dad had to work and we had been hoping to go to the aquarium but his conference call went long so we couldn't. At least we got to go to Cabrillo monument again, which was even nicer that time because it was a clearer day and you could see all over san diego. So we mostly watched TV that day (w00t Monk, Scrubs, Friends, and all that good stuff!) I decided I was pretty much ready to go home, but that was probably just because I was slightly bored, for when Wednesday rolled around and we actually had to leave the hotel and the sunny 70 degree weather, I seriously rethought that. Meaning, WAIT! I DIDN'T MEAN IT! NOOOOO! And threatening to sing a song from August Rush to san diego, (yes, the whole city), along the lines of "some day we'll be together."
It was very depressing.
I did not want to leave, AT ALL.
But we had to of course, and so we set off on our final adventure, home.
Oh wait! Not quite! We had one more adventure to go!
Yes, when we got to portland and found our car, buried in a weeks worth of horrible Maine february, it refused to go anywhere. It was very stuck on a patch of ice, it's tires just spinning and spinning and not gaining any traction whatsoever. I can only be extremely grateful it was 38 and not 22 or even 7 like it had been in detroit, because we did not have our winter coats and we would have FROZEN. As it was we survived, even as Dad had Erin rev the car while he pushed (thank God she was in the front seat at the time and not me! O_O), and then finally had to get help from a maintenance person. After he plowed around and stuff we discovered now... THE CAR WOULDN'T START.
Yes. Lovely.
Fortunately it was just the battery and we were able to jump start the car, and then put sand under the wheels and FINALLY get it moving. It was kind of fun rocking it back and forth when it was trying to go at last... it reminded me of the part in POTC-AWE when they tip the boat. :P
Now it's so hard to believe it's only been less the a week since we got home! It feels like at least a couple of weeks ago, in fact the whole trip feels almost like a dream. It went by so fast and was so awesome... Sigh. DEFINITELY, want to go again.
Since then we've been recuperating (it took awhile, surprisingly enough, I actually slept to 10:30 thursday morning! :O), and just started school properly again today. Over the weekend I got to see Leah and Hannah, which was awesome, but sad because I won't see Leah again for forever. We went sledding and despite my complaints about the cold and snow ("I WANT CA!!!!" etc. :P), it was a lot of fun. Now I have to get ready for starting teaching the end of feb. I'm extremely scared but that's not surprising, and I think (THINK) I will be ready. Eeek. I'm also going to send my short story soon, once Sarah gives me the last word on it! So now I guess I just have to worry about writing this scene/story in a GUYS POV. Really, Lauren. No brothers! No guy friends! (well, no good ones anyway.) How am I supposed to do this??!!
And speaking of that girl - gracious woman, please fix Zach before you break ALL our hearts!!!

And that is IT for now guys. Whew. I guess I should go work on that story... *grumblegrumble* Laters! :P


P.S. I apologize for the bad spelling - the spell checkers not working again and it won't let me copy and paste (blasted safari). Also, I wrote this over a couple of days so the time periods don't all line up but whateverrrr. I am so done with this post. Booyah.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

(I started this blog the day after Heath died... and am just finishing it now. I've also found out people don't think it was a drug overdose, but probably a heart attack. So at least it wasn't drugs.)
I was really, really sad when I found out about THIS yesterday. I mean, obviously this stuff happens all the time in Hollywood, but it's HEATH LEDGER. One of my favorite guy actors! I never thought he would die so soon. Well, of course I didn't, but... ah what am I saying? It makes me sad. I'll be thinking of his family.


In other news! We've started watching Battlestar Galactica, which is crazy intense and super good. I'm still not sure if I like it as much as Babylon Five, although it is very similar. My favorite characters are Starbucks and Lee, of course. In fact, we're all kind of in love with Lee... hehehe. It was so funny, last night we were watching and finished a slightly depressing episode, and we decided it was due to the fact that Lee hadn't appeared once. He was in the next one though, so we survived. ;)
And the next night, we all screamed when we realized the episode was going to be about him. Litteraly. Screamed.
So anyways, devoted to Lee? Yes, definitely.
I've been working steadfastly in the last couple of weeks on my mv (which I finished like a week ago), and my short story. The short story is finished (via WR if you want to read it), and I'm thinking about sending it to some magazines. There's this one called the Apprentice I think I'll try first, although I'm going to edit it a couple more times. It already seems rough reading it again after a day. Erin drew some really awesome pictures for it of the MC Sam and the shell girl Leah which I want to put on here if she lets me scan them in. They make me happy. :)
As for the mv, well it's been quite, quite, quite, quite, quite, quite, irritating. Haha. Seriously. VERY irritating. It's only worked in the email I sent so far for one person, and I can't figure out why it's not working for you guys. I even got Erin to try uploading it to youtube/here, but NOTHING works. GACK! GABOOPY! NOT FAIR!
Why me?
In compensation for the lack-of-working-video, and especially since L. DOWNLOADED QUICKTIME for me and it STILL wouldn't work, I shall gift you with pictures. Lots of pictures. And please, say what you think. :D
You all know this girl.

Mirany's future hubby, EriQ. I have to avoid looking at this dude. I swoon a lot.

Would you want him as your daddy?


Guess who.

Kadin. <333>
Zara as a blonddd (she's naturally red headed.)

This is my boy. Stesha. :)

That's all for now! I don't want to post too many just in case I *do* get the vid to work by some miracle. But that's a little teaser, if you will. 
I know I haven't done a little book thingy for awhile, (well I haven't even POSTED for awhile, sooo...), but I have still been reading!!! Very much!! I just finished Bad Kitty by Michele Jaffe, which was fabfabfabulous! It's about Jasmine, girl detective wannabe who is being slowly crushed by her father and has a strange attraction for calamity, as her total brainless-slash-loser cousin calls her. (Her cousin talks with slashes - seriously, she's always going "that is so lame-slash-pathetic," or whatever. It's rediculous.) 
Anyways, as you may expect, Jasmine runs into trouble over family vacation and starts uncovering a very confusing mystery including celebritys, murderers, and one hot, confusing, british accented young man. Unlike Leila, the mystery did pull me in and I was very impressed by Jasmines skills. But like Leila, I still think it's the characters that make the book, especially Jasmine and her extremely, extremely crazy friends. Guys, think of us, at our craziest craziest, and that's not quite there. Seriously. It's awesome. 
So pretty much, just read it, because it's sosososososososo fun and refreshing and if you're having a bad day it's the perfect book to pick up. 
Plus, it's PINK! COMMON! 
Yes people. There is more to this already-unusually-long-post-for-me! :D 
I never wrote about last weekend, I realize, which is terrible shocking! Basically, it was a blast, as on Saturday I drove down (or up, never remember), to Auburn with Leah's parents to see her, and the show she's assistant stage managering for. It was mucho awesome, especially since her parents are very cool and very funny, and it wasn't really awkward at all, which was relieving. We went to her apartment first, which is kind of spooky looking on the outside but really nice inside, talked for a bit there, and then went out to eat. I wanted to get to hang out with her more, but sadly she had to go to the theater pretty soon so I got to follow her parents around Craft Mania and Beds, Baths & Beyond. I had never been in a Craft Mania before, and WOW, I could live there! It made me happy, and I bought some stuff mostly for card making. Then we met up with her Aunt and Uncle, who are kind of singular cool people like the rest of them, and went to the show. That was cool, and afterwards we got to talk a little with some of the people Leah works with, especially the stage manager there. She was really nice and talked to me a little, and made my night because she was all like "So are you at Bennington with Leah, or...?" 
I think she was fairly surprised when I told her I was a sophomore in high school. 
Also, last saturday I cut my hair. I've been wanting to for awhile, kind of hoping to get it styled but I don't want to have to pay all that money especially with going to San Diego and drivers ed sometime in the future, so I just decided to chop it. I wanted to donate to locks of love but wasn't sure if it would be too short... well at any rate, I went for it, and it IS rather short, but I've gotten used to it. In fact, I quite like it. I can actually wear it down, with a side part, for the first time in my life! Shocking! :D
Then on Sunday, Jessie, Katie, and India came over and it was LOADS of fun. We watched Pirates 3, and talked pretty much through the entire thing (sub-titles are so useful!), and ate a ton of junk and LAUGHED. How we laughed! Mom was astonished, and even commented on it when everyone had gone. Ah well. At least it's healthy. 
MONDAY, we had another busy day, as we went to the teen advisery meeting at the library, BG and teen movie night. The best thing that happened though, was that the utterly beyond awesome Leila gave us ALL FREE BOOKS! :O :O :O She had extra copies so we played a trivia game and won them as prizes. I got The Morning Gift, by Eva Ibbonson (sp? I'm too lazy to look it up :P), and I finished reading it this morning. (It's now Saturday btw. I started this post, like, WEEKS ago.) It's INCREDIBLE. I loved it soooo much. It's one in her series of romance novels, and I had read one before and not loved it - I dunno the characters never connected with me and the whole thing seemed kind of shallow - but this I absolutely adored. The characters are all fabulous, the romance, like, just makes me want to scream, and... it was just so good! This morning when I was reading it, I kept reading a chapter, groaning, getting up and pacing around my room for a moment because things were so bad in the book, and then picking it back up again. I wanted to tear my hair out. But it was SO GOOD! It's like I told Erin; we read this really sweet short story a couple of days ago one of our friends sent us, that was just about falling in love and being married all your days and whatnot, and it was SO sweet that both of us I think were tearing up at the end. The Morning Gift was like that, except MORE. 
And now probably anyone who reads it will be dissapointed because I've built up their expectations so much but... tough. I loved it. So there. 
There's not much more to relate, except that I've applied for jobs at Garden Street market and the little cafe in town... actually RETURNING the applications this time. Whoo, go me. The choices are kind of bleak... bagger, dishwasher, bagger, dishwasher, bagger, dishwasher, hmmm which would I REALLY like to be?! 
But oh well. We'll see what happens. :)
Tomorrow is my Grandma's birthday and I'm singing at mass, then Wednesday is Kelia's birthday and Thursday we're leaving for San Diego!!!!! YAY!!!! I'm SO excited, although it does seem kind of unreal like, we're going on a plane to somewhere warm on thursday?! Yeah. Right. But it's true! We are! And we'll be back the 14th, probably won't have any internet access between then. I'll miss you guys, but I'm so excited!!!! :D :D :D
Despite the head aches, despite the restlessness that winter always brings for me, the sky was still blue today, Pride and Prejudice was still fabulous, and Erin still made me giggle during prayer when I should have had my eyes closed... Life is good. :)