Friday, August 29, 2008

This is way overdue

Well this blog is sadly, sadly neglected. I think it's probably given up hope and resigned itself to death, but no! Never will I abandon thee my life long friend, though months of summer toils do separate us. Although the dust may gather on your imaginary pages and life fade as the summer passes, whence the light of september peeps from behind hidden crannies, you shall know the joys of being written in again. It's almost september now. There is hope yet. Be revived, good blog of mine, and live! 

Yeah so... clearly I'm just as crazy as I was three months ago. And hopefully, I'm back. :) 

I can't believe the summer is basically over. I mean, I'm starting school Tuesday. Monday is my last day of non-school freedom. Weirddd. I'm hoping that this will be a good school year though, I'm using some online courses along with my usual workbooks/text books. I found some really nice sites that have all kinds of free stuff. And I'm going to make an effort to be a little harder on myself, i.e. writing real papers and having dad check them all. I decided not to take any college classes this year, I'll just wait till next when I'll have my licence and can drive myself. But I finally got a job! At the bakery and cafe in town, I work the register taking and bringing out orders, and doing all kinds of other stuff. I just started training last week, so it's a bit stressful trying to learn everything and not do anything stupid. But I'm catching on, I worked four hours today and four tomorrow. Every one's really nice, there's a whole bunch of girls with the same job as me and both of the owners are nice, although they can be a little intimidating. Monday it was funny, I was closing with Scott (one of the owners) and Erin, and Scott was showing me how to use the mop. It's attached to a bucket cart thing, which you can wheel around, but the cart is super ornery and will NOT allow itself to be steered. He told me all this expecting me to crash into stuff like everyone does, but I had no trouble at all. I felt like a pro. Then of course my beginners luck ran out a little, but still, it made me proud. 

The summer's felt kind of long, but short at the same time. Very, very different then last year. I was at the playhouse a lot but it didn't have the same magical feel as last year, which I kind of expected because I knew it was going to be different. But lets see, the summer started with Laura coming for about nine days I think. Her stay here was AMAZING and we had SO much fun. Some of the best memories of the summer came from that, although it feels like a super long time ago now. But that was early June, then beauty and the beast rehearsals started, and that was quite an experience. A lot of fun, and much different then anything I'd been in before. It was awesome to be in a cast where no one fooled around and everyone was completely prepared, it just worked like clock work. Of course it wasn't all fun and games, Adrienne had run in's with everyone, including me, and the cast was NOT very happy some of the time, but for the most part it was a lot of fun. I did realize though that I absolutely do not want to be an actress any more. I'm not sure why, I just lost... my passion for it I guess. I don't feel that I'm really talented enough to make a go at it, and I don't even enjoy it like I used to. It's still fun but I guess the magic is kind of gone. Maybe I just realized it wasn't for me. I still love singing and performing  though, so who knows. 
After beauty and the beast we had a week of VBS which was surprisingly quite fun. I enjoy working with kids a lot, and what we had to do was teach them the VBS songs and motions, along with a kind of lesson. I was scared stiff but the first day I got up there and suddenly knew what I was doing. I guess God took over for me. :) It was fun though and a good experience. And when that was over the slower part of our summer commenced. I worked on quite a few projects to keep myself busy, and of course there was hanging out with Sean. We had quite a few amazing times with him. One of the best times was when we went to buxton home days with him and Nick and Jessie. We bought these funny toy lightsabers that went all colors but we discovered when we took pictures of them they turned all white, in a shining beam of light. Then we went crazy with the pictures of course, I think I died at least once. It was crazy fun. 

I didn't write very much this summer, sadly. I always meant to but for some reason other projects consumed me... I got obsessed with paper cutting because I found this fabulous book of patterns at the library, and I started quilting again. In the middle of summer, I know it doesn't make much sense. I've been trying to read too, not a ton, but I always have a book to chew on. I read both The Host, and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer and I have to say The Host was way way way way way way WAY better then Breaking Dawn. Which was pretty bad. But The Host was really good! So you know. :P 
I've started White Rose over now though, because I'd been trying to work on it and realized the first person just wasn't working... so now I have twenty thousand words to rewrite. Yay. But I need to start working on it consistently again. One of the most annoying things about me is I really have to MAKE myself do stuff. If I don't I sit around on the computer feeling listless and sad and missing someone. Which isn't good, and why I'm FINALLY doing this. But when I'm done writing here I'm going to completely re-do my music playlist because if I had to tell the story of my summer in one way I would do it through music. I discovered or got introduced to so many of my now favorite songs. Music is great. 
Speaking of which, I also started playing flute again some. I'm going to have at least three students come school, probably more, and I kind of realized I need to keep myself in shape if I'm going to teach... Madeline is nearing the end of book two already, which is scary and awesome. She's going so fast! But I better be able to keep up with her. I might start taking lessons again if I have time and it works out, if not, I just need to practice. I'm incredibly out of shape, worse then I've ever been I think. Which is frustrating, but my own fault. So I'm gonna work on that. 
And... yeah. That's about all that's been going on with me. This summer has been probably the best and worst of my life. Weird how it can be both at the same time. I feel like on one hand I've lost a lot of friends sort of, maybe just from distance or because of certain things, but it's sad. I didn't get to hang out with any of you guys like I wanted to. It hasn't turned out the way I imagined at all. But at the same time I have gained so incredibly much... I am extremely lucky and blessed. More then I will ever be able to say. And I still love you all, more then ever. I hope you all know that. You complete me. ♥ 

That's it for now. 
Over and out. :) 



Anonymous said...

you posted!!!

Steve Ingraham said...

welcome back from summer.

Anonymous said...

*** Deepest Secret Revealved - Foot Fetish ***

For everybody that does not know, and those of you who do, I'm finally ready to come clean. I have a foot fetish. Yes, I Jordan Clement, like feet. Most of you mght not even care or think its a big deal, but to me I feel it is.

I'd like to thank several of my friends for being there and supporting me, allowing myself to tell more people over time.

Victora L - Thank you for being my friend. You were the first person I told, you changed my life forever. I will never forget that.

Michelle T - Thank you for understanding. At first you didn't believe me, or even understand what a foot fetish was, but once you knew I was serious and such, thanks for listening and being my best friend. Bff.

Miranda S - Its a shame you moved away. I miss you. Our friendship grew so much after you left, and I felt like you were a best friend, which is why you were one of the first to know my secret. =)

Katie S - You were one of the latest people I told, but you helped encourage me to tell everyone. Thank you best friend. Thank you.

Chels D- You were the most casual person I've told up to date. You joke around about it alot and it bugs me which is why you do it lol, but it helps make me feel more comfortable with myself knowing to some its not a big thing. Friends for life.

Hill - You didn't believe me at first just like Michelle, but once you did, you seemed to ask alot of questions =p .Helped me become more open, and know what to tell others in the future at the time.

Angie R - You've just been a great supporting wo I could always talk to. Thank you so much. You have no idea how greatful I am. Thank you so much. Thank you.

The rest of you that I've told, thank you for accepting it. That's all I ask for. You're all such great friends =)

and as for the rest of you... well, I would have gotten to you all eventually =p

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me them via myspace message or some sort of messenger. Ttyl everyone.