Thursday, February 28, 2008



...I'm feeling okay about it right now, which is good. Yesterday night I wasn't, but whatever happens it'll be an adventure and a good experience. I just keep telling myself the theater class, which I'm most nervous about, will just be like directing. I hope I'm right. :P 
And at least I have my stained glass class to fall back on if everything else in the history of time goes wrong! Unless, of course, I prove to be horribly bad at staining glass, but it can't be that hard... I mean there's no drawing involved, right?! Right??!!!!
Anywho, I must go to bed. I have piles of stuff to cart around with me tomorrow, which is exciting, but means I shall need a good nights rest! I just finished Northanger Abbey though, by Jane Austen, and enjoyed it quite a lot. But I actually have to go to bed. So more later. 


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is a total obsessions post, just to warn ya'll. So, last night we watched Becoming Jane. It was really, really good, with a very melencholy feel because if you know anything about Jane Austen, you know she never got married. We were all kind of blown away by it, especially James McAvoy's performance, which was amazing (and I would do a fangirlish scream here, but my parents read this. O_O) 
Anyways, it was REALLY well done and even though I was looking forward to watching BSG all day, I quite enjoyed it. Here's one of my favorite parts from the movie - it doesn't really ruin it because obviously you know they're going to get together, but I guess if you have any intention of watching it soon, (which you should), you may want to save it. 
So sweet! 

Chuck!!!! :D

Stardust!!!!! (we just watched it again tonight at the library so I had to add it :P)

BSG!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

And I would have more except I'm so afraid of finding out stuff I don't know yet I'll only watch season 1 music videos. :P 

Finally, Charlie and Carmen. No, I don't have a music video for them, but Katie showed me a special picture of them today and it made me SO HAPPY. No, I don't know why, but they are definitely my favorite couple, EVER. 

Anyway, this is obviously a totally random and fairly pointless post, so I shall be done now. But we got the notebook and I'm SO excited to read it, once Kelia does her bit. I shall try to be good and wait. :P And I can't wait for HP marathon on Friday!!! 

Later loves,

Thursday, February 14, 2008

San Diego, home of the very lucky

There and back again.
A tale by Anna Ingraham.
So we've been to San Diego now.
And part of me wishes we had not come back. Pretty much all of me did yesterday, but then I wouldn't get to see Hannah and Leah today, so you know. However it is going to be necessary for all of my friends to move there, because I can not go on living here after I've been THERE! It's so, so, so, so, gorgeous! It was like having a week of summer in the middle of february! Amazing!
So, Thursday morning around 3:30 dad woke me up and said we would have to leave a little early because of the weather. It was being utterly disgusting out and snowing/slushing, and we had to drive to portland in it. Well we got there fine, got through security without any mishaps, and sat down to wait for our six am flight. Of course it got delayed, so we sat around some more and grew increasingly worried, because we were going to miss our detroit flight. We finally left Portland but sure enough when we landed in Detroit, our flight was gone. We got rerouted, but in order to do so we had to go BACK to Atlanta and then to San Diego, another hour and 40 minutes on the plane and layover. We weren't thrilled, but we were all pretty excited so it didn't matter that much. We had lunch in Atlanta, ran to get to our plane again, and then were finally on the way to San Diego.
I kind of like flying. When we went to Arizona two years ago and I flew for the first time, it was weird, in that the planes were more... normal feeling then I expected, just like a bus. But I'm kind of used to them by now and taking off is fun and flying above the clouds is so cool. I said to dad it's kind of nice to know even on the worst gloomy day of the year it's still blue up there. Of course it isn't really, it does get less pretty, but it's a nice thought. ;)
We finally got there, around 5 pm, and got our car (a pretty blue van), and finally to the hotel. It was beautiful and not even remotely cloudy, like it had been in Maine (of course), and Detroit, and it was probably around 60 degrees and there were people walking and wearing SHORTS and it was just beautiful. We were exhausted so we went to bed around eight (and if Leah were reading this she would have a heart attack hehehe.). Then Friday our three day period of pure relaxation began. We went to the conference place, which is totally gorgeous, then to Cabrilla Monument, which is totally gorgeous, then back to the conference place, (yes, still totally gorgeous.) We helped Dad set up and hung out on the lawn, and were very, very hyper, and then there was the reception which was a lot of fun. There were little sandwiches and a chocolate fountain, (and I mean who can say no to that?!), and everyone walked around and talked and ate, and it felt like one of those Christmas parties you always see in movies. And we were hyper so that helped. We talked to quite a few interesting people, including the renowned (in the birding world that is), Ken Kauffmen, and his wife Kim. She was really, really nice, and wanted us to go on her web site because she has a club for young birders in Ohio, where they live. I keep forgetting to look it up though. Bad me.
Saturday, we hung out at The Mariner (where the festival was), and went walking some and laid down by the water for two whole hours just listening to music. It was perfect. The banquet was that night and that was really cool. Ken Kauffmen did the lecture, on '13 Different Ways to Look at a Sparrow.' It was really funny and interesting, mostly because he is just an interesting guy, but I knew it was going to be good as soon as he started off with "I'm going to tell you about 13 Different ways to look at a sparrow, and I know, what could be more boring then that?"
And Clay Taylor, one of the vendors at the festival immediately shouted out "14 different ways!" It was hilarious and the entire room cracked up, and Ken stood there with this funny grin on his face and when we finally quieted was just like. "Well. That's gonna be the best line of the night."
Turns out the lecture wasn't boring at all (of course). Ken told this hilarious story about learning to bird as a boy, where he was trying to identify a sparrow and kept running into the house to look at the bird book, and running back out to look at the bird, and he showed pictures along with the story, and every time he ran back out of the house it was a different bird. He pulled it off very nicely. And then he got really sweet when he talked about how sparrows can effect people's lives, because he met his second wife (Kim), when she was the only one interested in the olive sparrow (if I remember right), on a field trip of his. "And it has a really great song," he said, "Sweet Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly. That's a great song." You could really tell he meant it, too. :)
Sunday was the tiniest bit boring, but it was still beautiful and dinner made up for any testy parts of the day. (We were getting a little tired of each other by then, I think. ;) ) We went to the Mexican place really close to our hotel, and the food was DELICIOUS. Best mexican I've had in a long time. It was hilarious, because we had started eating and were all quiet you know, and then dad said "it's a REALLY good chili," and Erin said "It's a REALLY good enchilada," and I said "It's a REALLY good burrito," and Kelia said "It's a REALLY good thing I have a napkin!" It's probably one of those you had to be there moments, but we laughed for just about five minutes. Then dad surprised us by actually ordering the fried ice cream, which we had all been wondering about, and it was absolutely perfect. They must have hard frozen a ball of ice cream, then fried it really quick in a really light, thin batter, that was all sugar and cinnamon-ey, and put it in its little bowl of the same fried batter... yuuuuum!
Monday we went to the san Diego Wild Animal Park! It was awesome and definitely the nicest zoo type place I've ever been to. The spaces for the animals were so big and nice, and the bird aviaries were amazing, and the tram ride was fun, and the frequent flyers bird show we went to was so cool. It started off with birds coming out, choreographed to music, and then we got to see a bunch of different kinds, including an african gray parrot which delighted us by talking and making sound affects. I'm not sure which animal display was my favorite, but the giraffes totally rocked, as did the elephants... and the cheetahs... and the rhinos... and... well you get the point. :P
Tuesday was a little disappointing because dad had to work and we had been hoping to go to the aquarium but his conference call went long so we couldn't. At least we got to go to Cabrillo monument again, which was even nicer that time because it was a clearer day and you could see all over san diego. So we mostly watched TV that day (w00t Monk, Scrubs, Friends, and all that good stuff!) I decided I was pretty much ready to go home, but that was probably just because I was slightly bored, for when Wednesday rolled around and we actually had to leave the hotel and the sunny 70 degree weather, I seriously rethought that. Meaning, WAIT! I DIDN'T MEAN IT! NOOOOO! And threatening to sing a song from August Rush to san diego, (yes, the whole city), along the lines of "some day we'll be together."
It was very depressing.
I did not want to leave, AT ALL.
But we had to of course, and so we set off on our final adventure, home.
Oh wait! Not quite! We had one more adventure to go!
Yes, when we got to portland and found our car, buried in a weeks worth of horrible Maine february, it refused to go anywhere. It was very stuck on a patch of ice, it's tires just spinning and spinning and not gaining any traction whatsoever. I can only be extremely grateful it was 38 and not 22 or even 7 like it had been in detroit, because we did not have our winter coats and we would have FROZEN. As it was we survived, even as Dad had Erin rev the car while he pushed (thank God she was in the front seat at the time and not me! O_O), and then finally had to get help from a maintenance person. After he plowed around and stuff we discovered now... THE CAR WOULDN'T START.
Yes. Lovely.
Fortunately it was just the battery and we were able to jump start the car, and then put sand under the wheels and FINALLY get it moving. It was kind of fun rocking it back and forth when it was trying to go at last... it reminded me of the part in POTC-AWE when they tip the boat. :P
Now it's so hard to believe it's only been less the a week since we got home! It feels like at least a couple of weeks ago, in fact the whole trip feels almost like a dream. It went by so fast and was so awesome... Sigh. DEFINITELY, want to go again.
Since then we've been recuperating (it took awhile, surprisingly enough, I actually slept to 10:30 thursday morning! :O), and just started school properly again today. Over the weekend I got to see Leah and Hannah, which was awesome, but sad because I won't see Leah again for forever. We went sledding and despite my complaints about the cold and snow ("I WANT CA!!!!" etc. :P), it was a lot of fun. Now I have to get ready for starting teaching the end of feb. I'm extremely scared but that's not surprising, and I think (THINK) I will be ready. Eeek. I'm also going to send my short story soon, once Sarah gives me the last word on it! So now I guess I just have to worry about writing this scene/story in a GUYS POV. Really, Lauren. No brothers! No guy friends! (well, no good ones anyway.) How am I supposed to do this??!!
And speaking of that girl - gracious woman, please fix Zach before you break ALL our hearts!!!

And that is IT for now guys. Whew. I guess I should go work on that story... *grumblegrumble* Laters! :P


P.S. I apologize for the bad spelling - the spell checkers not working again and it won't let me copy and paste (blasted safari). Also, I wrote this over a couple of days so the time periods don't all line up but whateverrrr. I am so done with this post. Booyah.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

R.I.P. Heath Ledger

(I started this blog the day after Heath died... and am just finishing it now. I've also found out people don't think it was a drug overdose, but probably a heart attack. So at least it wasn't drugs.)
I was really, really sad when I found out about THIS yesterday. I mean, obviously this stuff happens all the time in Hollywood, but it's HEATH LEDGER. One of my favorite guy actors! I never thought he would die so soon. Well, of course I didn't, but... ah what am I saying? It makes me sad. I'll be thinking of his family.


In other news! We've started watching Battlestar Galactica, which is crazy intense and super good. I'm still not sure if I like it as much as Babylon Five, although it is very similar. My favorite characters are Starbucks and Lee, of course. In fact, we're all kind of in love with Lee... hehehe. It was so funny, last night we were watching and finished a slightly depressing episode, and we decided it was due to the fact that Lee hadn't appeared once. He was in the next one though, so we survived. ;)
And the next night, we all screamed when we realized the episode was going to be about him. Litteraly. Screamed.
So anyways, devoted to Lee? Yes, definitely.
I've been working steadfastly in the last couple of weeks on my mv (which I finished like a week ago), and my short story. The short story is finished (via WR if you want to read it), and I'm thinking about sending it to some magazines. There's this one called the Apprentice I think I'll try first, although I'm going to edit it a couple more times. It already seems rough reading it again after a day. Erin drew some really awesome pictures for it of the MC Sam and the shell girl Leah which I want to put on here if she lets me scan them in. They make me happy. :)
As for the mv, well it's been quite, quite, quite, quite, quite, quite, irritating. Haha. Seriously. VERY irritating. It's only worked in the email I sent so far for one person, and I can't figure out why it's not working for you guys. I even got Erin to try uploading it to youtube/here, but NOTHING works. GACK! GABOOPY! NOT FAIR!
Why me?
In compensation for the lack-of-working-video, and especially since L. DOWNLOADED QUICKTIME for me and it STILL wouldn't work, I shall gift you with pictures. Lots of pictures. And please, say what you think. :D
You all know this girl.

Mirany's future hubby, EriQ. I have to avoid looking at this dude. I swoon a lot.

Would you want him as your daddy?


Guess who.

Kadin. <333>
Zara as a blonddd (she's naturally red headed.)

This is my boy. Stesha. :)

That's all for now! I don't want to post too many just in case I *do* get the vid to work by some miracle. But that's a little teaser, if you will. 
I know I haven't done a little book thingy for awhile, (well I haven't even POSTED for awhile, sooo...), but I have still been reading!!! Very much!! I just finished Bad Kitty by Michele Jaffe, which was fabfabfabulous! It's about Jasmine, girl detective wannabe who is being slowly crushed by her father and has a strange attraction for calamity, as her total brainless-slash-loser cousin calls her. (Her cousin talks with slashes - seriously, she's always going "that is so lame-slash-pathetic," or whatever. It's rediculous.) 
Anyways, as you may expect, Jasmine runs into trouble over family vacation and starts uncovering a very confusing mystery including celebritys, murderers, and one hot, confusing, british accented young man. Unlike Leila, the mystery did pull me in and I was very impressed by Jasmines skills. But like Leila, I still think it's the characters that make the book, especially Jasmine and her extremely, extremely crazy friends. Guys, think of us, at our craziest craziest, and that's not quite there. Seriously. It's awesome. 
So pretty much, just read it, because it's sosososososososo fun and refreshing and if you're having a bad day it's the perfect book to pick up. 
Plus, it's PINK! COMMON! 
Yes people. There is more to this already-unusually-long-post-for-me! :D 
I never wrote about last weekend, I realize, which is terrible shocking! Basically, it was a blast, as on Saturday I drove down (or up, never remember), to Auburn with Leah's parents to see her, and the show she's assistant stage managering for. It was mucho awesome, especially since her parents are very cool and very funny, and it wasn't really awkward at all, which was relieving. We went to her apartment first, which is kind of spooky looking on the outside but really nice inside, talked for a bit there, and then went out to eat. I wanted to get to hang out with her more, but sadly she had to go to the theater pretty soon so I got to follow her parents around Craft Mania and Beds, Baths & Beyond. I had never been in a Craft Mania before, and WOW, I could live there! It made me happy, and I bought some stuff mostly for card making. Then we met up with her Aunt and Uncle, who are kind of singular cool people like the rest of them, and went to the show. That was cool, and afterwards we got to talk a little with some of the people Leah works with, especially the stage manager there. She was really nice and talked to me a little, and made my night because she was all like "So are you at Bennington with Leah, or...?" 
I think she was fairly surprised when I told her I was a sophomore in high school. 
Also, last saturday I cut my hair. I've been wanting to for awhile, kind of hoping to get it styled but I don't want to have to pay all that money especially with going to San Diego and drivers ed sometime in the future, so I just decided to chop it. I wanted to donate to locks of love but wasn't sure if it would be too short... well at any rate, I went for it, and it IS rather short, but I've gotten used to it. In fact, I quite like it. I can actually wear it down, with a side part, for the first time in my life! Shocking! :D
Then on Sunday, Jessie, Katie, and India came over and it was LOADS of fun. We watched Pirates 3, and talked pretty much through the entire thing (sub-titles are so useful!), and ate a ton of junk and LAUGHED. How we laughed! Mom was astonished, and even commented on it when everyone had gone. Ah well. At least it's healthy. 
MONDAY, we had another busy day, as we went to the teen advisery meeting at the library, BG and teen movie night. The best thing that happened though, was that the utterly beyond awesome Leila gave us ALL FREE BOOKS! :O :O :O She had extra copies so we played a trivia game and won them as prizes. I got The Morning Gift, by Eva Ibbonson (sp? I'm too lazy to look it up :P), and I finished reading it this morning. (It's now Saturday btw. I started this post, like, WEEKS ago.) It's INCREDIBLE. I loved it soooo much. It's one in her series of romance novels, and I had read one before and not loved it - I dunno the characters never connected with me and the whole thing seemed kind of shallow - but this I absolutely adored. The characters are all fabulous, the romance, like, just makes me want to scream, and... it was just so good! This morning when I was reading it, I kept reading a chapter, groaning, getting up and pacing around my room for a moment because things were so bad in the book, and then picking it back up again. I wanted to tear my hair out. But it was SO GOOD! It's like I told Erin; we read this really sweet short story a couple of days ago one of our friends sent us, that was just about falling in love and being married all your days and whatnot, and it was SO sweet that both of us I think were tearing up at the end. The Morning Gift was like that, except MORE. 
And now probably anyone who reads it will be dissapointed because I've built up their expectations so much but... tough. I loved it. So there. 
There's not much more to relate, except that I've applied for jobs at Garden Street market and the little cafe in town... actually RETURNING the applications this time. Whoo, go me. The choices are kind of bleak... bagger, dishwasher, bagger, dishwasher, bagger, dishwasher, hmmm which would I REALLY like to be?! 
But oh well. We'll see what happens. :)
Tomorrow is my Grandma's birthday and I'm singing at mass, then Wednesday is Kelia's birthday and Thursday we're leaving for San Diego!!!!! YAY!!!! I'm SO excited, although it does seem kind of unreal like, we're going on a plane to somewhere warm on thursday?! Yeah. Right. But it's true! We are! And we'll be back the 14th, probably won't have any internet access between then. I'll miss you guys, but I'm so excited!!!! :D :D :D
Despite the head aches, despite the restlessness that winter always brings for me, the sky was still blue today, Pride and Prejudice was still fabulous, and Erin still made me giggle during prayer when I should have had my eyes closed... Life is good. :)