Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, the variety show's done, gone, over with forever. It went pretty well, nothing real exciting but you know whatever. I had fun! Tonight we went to the little dinner/cast party thing, and while the food was very good and some parts were okay, it kind of stunk because we feel like such outsiders among the other kids... they're all from KHS and just like... I don't know. Kind of cliquey, hard to get into. So now I'm worried about convention, but as long as we have our group to hang out with it should be fine. I just wish we could like join their group because they all seem like nice kids, it's just weird!
Other then that, I've signed up for drivers ed in May (Eek! Still can't imagine myself driving. O_O), but I want to get it out of the way. I should be starting work at garden street sometime in June but I'm not sure... I called the playhouse yesterday and asked Adrienne if there were any parts for teens in the shows this year (Babes in Hollywood, Beauty and the Beast, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Nunsensations, and Forever, Patsy Cline. AWESOME.) She said she might be able to squeak me into Beauty and the Beast, which is super exciting!! I'm just waiting to hear back from her, so think of me! :) 
Yeah... we have another awesome weekend coming up, with the SKILLET CONCERT!!!! WOOO!!! Although we'll miss Jessie. :'( I'm sure we're not going to be able to hear for about an hour afterwards, hehe it should be pretty awesome. 
I'm still working on Screnzy, I'm officially half way through! (51 pages, please don't shoot me!). It's going all right, although not as good as before, but oh well. I keep being very, very tempted to work on something else because three pages a day doesn't seem to be satisfying my creative urge, but I'm afraid of getting pulled away from my script... meh. Oh well. 
And now I've run out of things to update about... we took Laura to DQ today as a surprise, it was pretty awesome! I've eaten SO MUCH ice cream in the last few days. Seriously! I'm surprised I'm not fat yet! 
Okay I'm gonna go do something else... I don't know what... but something awesome! Because awesome is awesome! Yeah! Awesome! :P 



literally[lauren] said...

It sounds like you've had an AMAZING day, girl!!!

I am so happy for you.
Well, and me too, but it rubs off for you.


Anonymous said...

DRIVER'S ED!!?? why didn't you say anything? good for you! my time will come whenever i'm ready :) lol

Sarah said...

Bleh...I hate blogger...it ate my post. Anyway, I basically said your life sounds cool and I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Masydi said...


Driver's Ed, g'luck! :D (I'd be more passionate in postage of that subject but...uh...I know nothing about Driver's Ed really....)



It was sad without Jessie there :( *sigh*